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South African Time : 6:23:43pm

Manager's Convention 2013

Champagne Sports Resort
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
What a great company to be a part of!
Imagine mingling with 520 of our Managers at our convention held at Champagne Sports Resort.
Some of our TOP earners in Southern Africa were among this crowd.

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Forever Living Products South Africa Group Photo

The 2012 Super Rally in Phoenix, Arizona

was a massive success!

More than 3500 distributors from all over the world joined us for the historical and final Super Rally.

This year's event was focused on the evolution of Forever Living Products throughout the years - something we like to call the "Forevolution". With crashing glass plates filled with fears we wanted to put behind us and new glass plaques with the commitment "I will" looking to the future, we enjoyed 3 fantastic days of training, product announcements, recognitions, and a whole lot of fun.

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