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My Forever Story

ros 2012

The Company, Forever Living Products, was founded by Rex Maughan in 1978 in the USA. This was after years of searching for a way to offer ordinary people an opportunity to live a healthier life and become financially independent. He came up with a simple yet highly commendable marketing plan - manufacture health, wellness and beauty products and get Forever Business Owners to share these products with friends, family and a customer base. But instead of investing in advertising, the Forever Business Owners would be compensated through a proven and generous multi-level marketing plan.

That simple plan resulted in a multi-billion dollar company and the world's largest privately owned Network Marketing company. Not only do they have an excellent track record; they are also cash rich completely debt-free and they offer the most amazing health, wellness and beauty products.

I became part of the Forever Living Product's family in September 1995. When I was introduced to this company I immediately knew that this opportunity was huge and that I had to be a part of it! I could see the potential of owning my own home-based business...having time to spend with my loved ones; being my own boss and becoming financially independent.

The thought of owning my own business was so exciting and Forever Living provided me with everything I needed to get started - I had a passion for success and I followed the proven plan. And so I joined - without any membership fee, monthly or annual fee or obligation to buy. I had immediate access to their amazing products at discounted prices as well as a life-changing opportunity to a more secure future with better health and financial freedom.

The Marketing Plan gives me the opportunity to share this business with others who are serious about their dreams, goals and financial future. In May 1996 I recruited an amazing couple to our business - Hope and Hilda Nomvete. As the months went by they grew their business and they were soon climbing the ladder of success. They became the top Forever Business Owners in South Africa! From humble beginnings they now are able to have the home of their dreams, drive top of the range cars and enjoy numerous company sponsored overseas trips. They encouraged their team to set their own dreams and goals and through that, we now see many people who have changed their lives and have helped others regain their health and wealth. With this business you have the opportunity to build a residual income while doing what you enjoy! With our company being "GLOBAL" we will see FOREVER BUSINESS OWNERS dreaming bigger dreams and achieving their goals.

Not only does the company offer great products, incentives and bonuses but also an opportunity to earn TWO OVERSEAS TRIPS A YEAR for two people to the

“GLOBAL RALLY” and “EAGLE MANAGER RETREAT”- somewhere in the world - all expenses paid with spending and activity moneyl!

Up until 2012 all the SUPER RALLY’s  were held in various cities around the USA and Canada.

Our first Global Rally was held in 2013 in HAWAII and our 2014 Global Rally was held in LONDON ENGLANDIn attendance were 20 000 Forever Business Owners in the 02 Stadium!

The 2015 Global Rally was held in SINGAPORE and in 2016 we had the world of FBO’s come to JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA for the Global Rally!

That was a turning point for our company in South Africa and we have doubled our turnover since then!

In 2017 DUBAI UAE was the host for the Global Rally. South Africa was recognised as No.10 in the world of Forever!

In 2018 the company will be celebrating 40 years in business!


This will be an exciting adventure where you will get to meet thousands of Forever Business Owners from around the world, receive world class training, learn about new products being launched and have loads of fun.

This is A HUGE incentive to grow the business and to be able to offer the same opportunity to others.

Forever Living offers a lifestyle that some can only dream of - MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU!!

I have achieved my goals of building three homes, driving the cars of my choice and have had many company sponsored trips overseas as well as private travel.

With our foundation "Forever Giving", it has also offered the opportunity of helping the less fortunate with our wonderful products and financial help. What we have to offer is heartfelt love of this company and a passion to see people enjoy a lifestyle of their dreams.

We offer recognition, support, training and the best products and marketing plan you will ever find! So join us today on this exciting trip as we plan our future with FOREVER!

Twenty years from now you will be
more disappointed by the things that
you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines
Sail away from the safe harbour
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
By Mark Twain



Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products, and its affiliates (FLP) are the largest growers, manufacturers and distributors of aloe vera-based health and beauty products in the world.

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